Where to put all unnecessary stuff or how to build a shed?

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You have a lot of household and garden equipment, but you don’t know where to put it, do you? The answer is very easy – just to build a shed. The sheds can be used to store various things. You can place there everything you want. You can even make something like kitchen there or even a place where you will meet your friends. So, everything depends on the sizes of your shed. So, how to build the shed? Here we come across several steps.


To choose the location


The best place for the shed is unnoticeable one. It is better to build it behind the main building.  Do not place it in the low place. Melt water or atmospheric precipitation can destroy it. It must be accessible, so that you can easily put or take necessary for you things.


To prepare necessary materials


For the construction of a shed one needs:

  • saw timber;
  • asbestos-cement sheets;
  • glass;
  • concrete;
  • anchors.

You may ask how to build a shed without bricks? Just follow the following recommendations and you will see.


To lay the foundation


So, how to build a shed? What to start with? First of all it is necessary to make a bearing post. You can make it with the help of asbestos cement pipes with a diameter of 110-140 mm. Fill the cavity with concrete, which is implicated with the small crushed stones. The proportions of concrete are the following:

- 3 parts of cement,

- 5 parts of sand, and

- 10 parts of crushed stones.

You also need to install the anchors with the diameter of 10-12 mm.

Then it is necessary to put the 2 layers ruberoid dampproofing on the foundation. Next step is to make the low necking. It is made of logs with a diameter of 15 cm, or from the timber 10 × 15 cm connecting them together in the quarter-on nails. The necking is installed horizontally with the help of laths and level.


To make the structure


The next step of building a shed is the installation of the vertical supports for the walls. To do this one needs the board with the section of 4 × 10 cm. Then it is necessary to fix the poles vertically with the help of supports. After this one makes the top necking with the help of the board with the section of 4 × 10 cm. The necking is nailed to the supports with the 20 cm long nails.

One puts the extra supports for the doorway, assembles the window opening with the size of about 40 × 30 cm. It is also necessary to make struts for the corner supports in both directions. Floor ground joists are made of the 4 × 10 cm boards.

So, the structure is almost ready and now it is possible to start with the shed walls boarding. This can be done with boards with the thickness of 2-2.5 cm which are nailed overlapping. The shed can be also framed by the thin asbestos-cement sheets, metal profiles, etc.


To build the roof


The roof on the sheds is made pent. You have to put the rafters made of the boards with the section of 4×10 cm and a spacing of 60-80 cm. Don’t forget, that the rafters must extend the wall for 30 cm in front and behind the shed. After that one puts the sheets with an overlap lower row. Then one makes top row of roofing slate. Every roofing slate is nailed to the roof boarding with the help of minimum 4 nails. If you know how to build a shed roof in any other way, you may do it.


To make the finishing work


After the roof work is finished, you need to install the door, the window openings and then the window glass. Finally, we floor with 3-4 cm thick boards, nailing them to the ground joists with nails.


So here it is described only one simple design example of how to make shed. But you can create your own one. Just take all necessary tools and equipment use your imagination and start to create your own project.

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