14 Steps Describing How to Build a Gorgeous Swimming Pool

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If you have enough place in your backyard, a swimming pool is your perfect decision. It will provide your family and friends with a perfect picnic, party and sunbath place. The only thing is it is expensive. This article describes 3 tips on how to build a swimming pool.

The thing to start is to check your local building codes and utility plans. You must leave gas, water, phone and electric lines intact and available for maintenance. Consultation with a surveyor will help you to choose a spot with good drainage and steady ground.

Some tips

The first way of building is hiring a team of professionals. It is fast, convenient and expensive. However, if you can afford it, then construction is going to take about several days. Go visit your parents and receive a ready pool after your return.

The second way is to hire those professionals one by one. They can work over shift or at weekends, because their company cannot restrict them to use their skills and knowledge in their free time. This way allows you to cut your expenses by nearly 50% as you don’t have to pay for paperwork and manager’s salary. You pay for the job and you get it done. This will take longer, about a week maybe.
The third way is to do the job yourself or with the help of your friends & family. This will allow you to spend about 25% of standard pool installation cost on materials and obtain an excellent experience. It will take about a month of intense work, however, so the choice is up to you.

The tools and materials you need are:

- shovels,
- powerful vacuum pump,
- cement and gravel,
- plastic walls,
- vinyl liner.


A detailed systematic instruction on how to build a swimming pool is depicted here. Digging is a hard job and it may take about 2 weeks, so hiring a tractor would be a wise decision. Everything else is done with ease.

Over dig will allow you to work with braces easily.

Let the cement harden for about 3 days, then start putting on the liner.

In the end, you will have a gorgeous pool to enjoy. This will increase your house cost greatly and allow you to add a bright feature to your life. Create it and you will love it!

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