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Building a Gazebo

Could there be anything better than have a little rest in your own comfortable gazebo? Well, there could be different opinions on this issue, but it is definitely clear that such a pursuit is an amazing way to spend your spare time. So, if you are agreed with this statement you definitely would like to … Continue reading

How to Build a Stair Railing in a Stylish House

Staircase railing is not only a part of design, but is essential for safety in a house. If you don’t want to pay for expensive ready-made railing, you can do it by yourself! Don’t waste time, roll up your sleeves and start working!   Instructions    1. Measure your staircase. Use one piece of wood … Continue reading

How to Build Outdoor Stairs in a Few Easy Steps

Building an outdoor staircase can be quite tricky but when you get into details you will realize that you don’t need special education to do it and it will be just a piece of cake for you.   The first thing you need to know, local building codes usually regulate all the measurements so be … Continue reading

How to make shutters by yourself?

The shutter making process starts with window measuring. The right size for your shutter will be the same as your windows or a bit bigger.   Once the necessary measurements had been made, you’ll need following materials:  - Wooden beams 40x60mm;  - A 20-30 mm wide board;  - Fretsaw;  - Tape measure;  - A pencil; … Continue reading

How to make basement stairs by yourself?

When building stairs at home, many people buy ready-made staircases and some know how build them. It’s not as hard as it may seem, but it’s good to know some theory before the building starts. Before you build the stairs, you must define their purpose. Yes, they must be both comfortable and safe, but their … Continue reading

How to make a garden gate out of wood?

Making a garden gate is a must-do if you are planning to make a wooden fence in your garden. Such gates are considered to be easier to install, comparing to the metal ones, as wooden gates don’t require a frame to set in.   Firstly, pick a spot for an entrance before the installation. Then, … Continue reading

Learn How to Build a Gate by Your Own Hands

Every fence needs a gate. Your task is to make it beautiful, convenient and durable. In fact, it is not as difficult as you can think at first. Just follow our instructions and you’ll easily learn how to build a gate. It doesn’t matter, what the design is. After understanding the basic positions of building, … Continue reading

Useful tips on how to build a treehouse safety and fast

Indeed, treehouse is an excellent idea for both adults and kids to have fun. If you want to build it somewhere in your garden, you should learn more about building techniques and rely on your creative thinking and imagination.   Some important tips Keep in mind the following important tips on how to build a … Continue reading

How to Build Your #1 Firewood Storage – a Pole Shed

This type of building is used for several thousand years already and is very easy to construct. Choose a level ground without the risk of flooding. Dig holes in the ground about 50×50 cm wide and about 50-80 cm deep. Holes are needed in the corners of the future shed and as many as you … Continue reading

No more cluttering up!

Are you a “pack rat”? Now you can forget about littering your house with everything you need or not. Arm yourself with patience and ask “Google” how to build a shed: plans and materials are the principal points you should consider before getting down to work. The first thing to do is choose a place … Continue reading