5 Useful Advices How to Build a Window Frame Fast

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To build a window frame is not as difficult as you may think. Moreover, you may use all your creativity and, of course, save your money.


Tips on How to Build a Window Frame by Yourself:

Tip 1. Determine a location of a window and mark a space for the opening of the window on both top and bottom plates.
Tip 2. According to the size of the window opening, saw a plate into 4 pieces and joint them together. It will be more effective if you do this by means of a pin and a slot. In order to make such joining, a pin should be located on one plate (in a horizontal position), and a slot – on the other.
Tip 3. Then apply glue on the joints and make a frame.
Tip 4. Insert the glass, make the collars for the frame.
 Tip 5. When the frame is ready, paint it in order to protect from the moisture.

Good luck in building!

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