7 steps how to build a garden shed

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A garden shed is a very important part of a garden, because it serves as a store for different tools, equipment and cumbersome things, when there is no place for them in a house. A garden shed is very convenient for hiding all these unattractive shovels, rakes, soil for planting and all those homeless stuff loitering around the garden. But the problem is how to find somebody, who will build this garden shed for a reasonable price. We can solve this problem and our answer is – You. Yes, it is you, who can decorate your garden. Now you don’t know how to build a garden shed, but if you follow our instructions, you’ll be able to do it by yourself.

Easy instructions how to build a garden shed

Step #1

For a start go to the construction store and purchase a prefab shed. There are a lot of versions and designs, that is why think about what you need and what is right for you. Remember the sizes of the place, where the garden shed will be settled, and what you will store in it. Ask a shop assistant how to build a garden shed and compare his answer with our instructions.

Step #2

Make sure the area in which you’ll place your garden shed is plain enough. If it is not, you may need to make it even. The foundation for installation of a garden shed can be of two types: a concrete platform or a structure made of wooden planks.

Step #3

Collect your shed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Twist its parts with screws, using perforated holes.

Step #4

Use mastic for hydraulic sealing of the windows to lubricate the frames. It will protect them from leaks and mold. It will also help to avoid moisture penetration through the windows, and the tools, stored in the shed, will be protected from rusting and molding.

Step #5

Lay insulation on the walls using fiberglass. This will keep sensitive chemicals or equipment from extreme temperature changes.

Step #6

All electric cables and wiring must be hidden under the ground. If you do not know how to do this properly, it’s better to invite a professional electrician for carrying out this work.

Step #7

Apply lacquer to all wooden parts to protect them from rotting. This procedure should be repeated annually.

Some advice how to build a garden shed reasonable

The construction of the shed can’t deal without hinged shelves, where you can store different fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, small garden tools, etc. For larger inventory you can beat holders to one of the walls and use them as suspenders. Even a ladder can be hung on the holder.
Wooden hangers can keep your working suit unwrinkled. On the floor of the shed there are usually placed mowers, buckets, cleaning appliances for a lawn care, capacities for compost.
The walls of the shed can be planted, using decorative climbing plants or vines. You can take jasmine, which should be put into the barrel with the substrate, add Clematis, because it has very beautiful bright burgundy flowers, and plant it in the largest ceramic pot. After such a revival you can look at the shed for a long time, enjoying the beauty of the walls.
Despite the fact that a garden shed is not a house, you should make general cleaning not less than twice a year: before and after gardening, for example, in November and April. It will be enough to remove cobwebs and dust from the shelves and items, lubricate the door with repellent oil (if the door is made ??of wood). A metal part of the inventory should be lubricated with machine oil, thus rust won’t have any chances to damage your tools.

Well, now you know how to build a garden shed. And it is not as difficult as you thought, is it? But remember! Only proper construction of a garden shed will allow you to place all your useful little things, which the guests do not necessarily need to see, to right positions and “comfortable” shelves.
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