A few hints how to build porch steps

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How to build porch steps by yourself? The first step is to design them! Thus, fist of all define the length and height of your planned staircase. The most comfortable step height is about 18 centimeters. The optimal size for stringers is 5×30 cm, and for the treads – 5x15cm.

Here are the items you will need:

- tape measure
- electric drill
- hammer
- saw
- carpenter’s square
- metal yard stick
- deck screws
- nails
- enamel

The total height should be divided on the riser’s height – there you will get the number of rungs you need. The first stringer you cut should be set as a pattern. Here is the scheme that will help you perform the calculations, to project and design your stairs:


Since now you’ve known how to build porch steps, do not hesitate to try it out!
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