Building a Gazebo

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Could there be anything better than have a little rest in your own comfortable gazebo? Well, there could be different opinions on this issue, but it is definitely clear that such a pursuit is an amazing way to spend your spare time. So, if you are agreed with this statement you definitely would like to know how to build a gazebo of your dream.


Firstly, you need to define the main intention of the gazebo. The design and building process depends on whether you are going to use it by your own or for hostess purposes. If you are going to use it to run different events for everybody and his cousin the gazebo has to be rather spacious, but if you are going to spend evenings in family circle or alone there is no need in big area size.

One more important detail you have to consider is the location of gazebo. You must be sure that the ground is suitable for building. It is better to build on asphalt platform to avoid subsidence of the gazebo or other undesirable accidents. You need to consider the direction of wind flows to be sure that your gazebo will cover you from cold winds.

How to build a gazebo: Materials

After you have established with the place and size of gazebo, it is time to think about materials you wodul like to use in construction. It is natural that wood is the most frequently used material for building gazebos. Besides the fact of its looking, it is also enough reliable. However, it is better to use other materials for roofing in order to avoid leakages. You may use clay shine, metal tile, shingle or any other material. If you want to provide the best looking for your gazebo the mix of wooden floor and columns and inclined roof would be the appropriate choice. For fixation it is better to use concrete materials in order to provide the best reliability.

How to build a gazebo: Equipment

When you are ready to set to work you will need to provide yourself with necessary tools. If you are going to use wood you will definitely need wood-working saw, hammer, level, decking screws, stapler, tape-measure and a weatherboard.

How to build gazebo: Let’s begin

Once you have chosen location of gazebo building you need to prepare the ground. In order to do this you have to clean up the area of building, draw an outline of foundation and afterwards delete the upper soil layer. Further you should construct the pier foundation and submerge it to the depth of soil freezing.

Next thing you have to do is prepare the columns. They could be made from wide variety of materials including wood, stone or bricks. If you prefer wooden columns it is highly recommended to process them with preservatives for wooden products in order to protect them from negative environmental influence. It is very important to make sure that the foundation and columns are strictly perpendicular. You should use level to check whether the columns are set vertically. When using wooden materials you should cover them with roofing felt, otherwise you may use any other covering or paint the surface.

How to build gazebo: Finishing the framework

Now you have to finish the framework. The order of actions depends on materials you want to use. If it is wood than you can use parallel bars. You have to fix them to columns consequently from the bottom upwards going along the perimeter of the foundation. However, if you prefer brick framework, you have to lay them in the same way.

How to build gazebo: The last steps

Now, when you have the framework and foundation finished consider the roof. Fix to each other stacked desks and set them upon the columns. You may choose any roofing material you prefer afterwards. Finally, you have to consider the interior. This stage of building gazebo you can perform by yourself depending on intention of the building.
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