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How to Build Fence in Five Easy Steps

Got tired of neighbors’ pets on your lawn? Or just want to feel really safe at home? You need a reliable and durable fence. If you want to build the best fence, build it yourself. Grab your instruments, it’s time to create a masterpiece!   1. Decide where the fence will be installed and set … Continue reading

Step-by-Step Guide How to Build a Bat House Fast

Bats are considered to be good neighbors. One brown bat eats up to 1,000 mosquitoes per hour. They also eat moths and other insects, pollinate some flowers. Bats are good natural pest controllers. We can help them building special bat houses. So, if you are going to do this, keep reading this article and you … Continue reading

How to Build a Beehive in 6 Easy Steps?

Why do many people aim at finding out how to build a beehive? The reason’s pretty clear – bees can pollinate the blossoms of fruit tress. If there’s no pollination, the fruit garden won’t have any fruits. Buying ready-made beehives can be a rather expensive alternative, whereas building them on your own is very simple, … Continue reading

If You Want to Build the Stairs

…first you need to learn how to build stairs right. Now, you can find many directories and advice but you need to remember that without the proper preparation it can be the most challenging do-it-yourself task, or it can be as easy as an abc. So stick with this article for we know how to … Continue reading

Manual on how to Build a Garden Fence Fast

Building a garden fence is a quite easy task to cope with. For many people it becomes a necessity, if they want to keep animals out or simply add some aesthetic look to their backyard. So, how to build a garden fence? Well, to begin with you are to decide what materials to use. We … Continue reading

5 Useful Advices How to Build a Window Frame Fast

To build a window frame is not as difficult as you may think. Moreover, you may use all your creativity and, of course, save your money.   Tips on How to Build a Window Frame by Yourself: Tip 1. Determine a location of a window and mark a space for the opening of the window … Continue reading

A few hints how to build porch steps

How to build porch steps by yourself? The first step is to design them! Thus, fist of all define the length and height of your planned staircase. The most comfortable step height is about 18 centimeters. The optimal size for stringers is 5×30 cm, and for the treads – 5x15cm. Here are the items you … Continue reading

How to Build a Dependable Wire Yard Fence

A wiry fence is sold in rolls. For construction of a reliable steel fence around your area you should do the following actions:      - Mark each edge of your yard with a wooden picket. Make sure that pickets form an ideal square or a rectangle shape. Diagonal measurements of the shape must coincide; … Continue reading

Building a Gazebo

Could there be anything better than have a little rest in your own comfortable gazebo? Well, there could be different opinions on this issue, but it is definitely clear that such a pursuit is an amazing way to spend your spare time. So, if you are agreed with this statement you definitely would like to … Continue reading

How to Build a Stair Railing in a Stylish House

Staircase railing is not only a part of design, but is essential for safety in a house. If you don’t want to pay for expensive ready-made railing, you can do it by yourself! Don’t waste time, roll up your sleeves and start working!   Instructions    1. Measure your staircase. Use one piece of wood … Continue reading