Do It Yourself: How to Build a Shed Roof Fast and Easy

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Today more and more people try to build those kinds of buildings that are not very expensive and can serve them during a long period of time. This concerns the roofs of these buildings as well. A shed roof is a good solution of your problems as it is of high value, easy to build and you don’t need to spend a large amount of money to build it.

Moreover, you can do it by yourself. The only thing is your desire. So, if you are wondering how to build a shed roof by yourself and save your money, read this article and here you will find tips on how to do this fast and easy.

What Is a Shed Roof?

When you are speaking about a shed roof, the most important thing is to build your shed roof waterproof as you probably will not want to wear a raincoat in a new shed.

A shed roof is the hardest part of the shed to build. It is a roof that covers a shed that can be defined as a small building used for storage. There are many different ways how to build a shed roof with their advantages and disadvantages, but all they are not difficult and you can do them by yourself.

Two Popular Types of a Shed Roof

Before starting to build a shed roof, you should decide what type of roofs meets the need of your shed.

There are two main types of a shed roof:

   -A pent roof

It is the simplest type of a shed roof. It is designed to create a little space under the roof as it lacks low points and awkward corners. This type of roof consists of a single slope that it angled in such a way to allow snowmelt, water to fall down from your roof.

   -A hip roof

This type of roof is good in those areas where high winds blow. It is deflect and sturdy to the winds. You can use different materials for your shed roof: slate, wooden shingles and composition shingles.

The only thing you should take into consideration is seasonal weather. For example, in those areas where it snows heavy, a pent roof is not a good decision as the snow can build up on the roof than can lead to leaking or breaking the roof.

Tips on How to Build a Shed Roof

A shed roof is considered to be one of the most simple and economical ways to build. Cheap material will help you to save your money. Here are the tips on how to build a shed roof fast:

-Tip 1. Check the distance between the walls.

First of all, check the distance between the walls in order to make sure that they are the same as in the plan.

-Tip 2. Measure the length of the rafters.

Measure the length of the rafters and cut them to the appropriate length. They should be a little bit longer than the size of the building. Append a foot at the back and at the front.  

-Tip 3. Place the rafters.

Place one rafter above two plates. Ends should overhand at the back and at the front. Mark the points where they contact on the rafter. In this place plate’s front edge will join the rafter.

Put the square on the board. The outside corner should lie between two marks and must be in contact with marks. Adjust it until you reach 1:6 ratios in the framing notch of square.

Repeat the process with other pair of marks.

-Tip 4. Make notches in the rafter by means of a handsaw.

-Tip 5. Place the rafters in those places where they must be to check whether they are made correctly. If yes, cut them as you need.

-Tip 6. Nail rafters to appropriate plates.

-Tip 7. Cover the roof.

You can cover your shed roof with the plywood or any other material you want.   

Although, a shed is not a place to live in, you need to take care of it as well. It is very important to install the roof properly with fascia boards and gutters. Don’t forget about other ways of protecting your shed roof. If you have noticed damaged or broken shingles, you need to change it immediately.

So, use these tips on how to build a shed roof, and you will build it fast, easy and cost-effectively. Good luck in your building!
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