How to Build a Beehive in 6 Easy Steps?

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Why do many people aim at finding out how to build a beehive? The reason’s pretty clear – bees can pollinate the blossoms of fruit tress. If there’s no pollination, the fruit garden won’t have any fruits. Buying ready-made beehives can be a rather expensive alternative, whereas building them on your own is very simple, if you have a plan, know the exact location and follow the tips we are ready to provide. So, let’s find out how to build a beehive.

Helpful Guide on Building a Beehive


1. Choosing the proper material, wood is the very first option that comes to one’s mind, and it’s the right one. Take the sheet of plywood and use a tape measure in order to measure 12 inches along its side. Measure another 12 inches from the previously marked point.

2. Measure another 10 inches from the previous point and then final 10 inches. Draw vertical lies from each point and connect the marked lines with a square line. Follow these lines to cut out each wood strip. As a result, you’re going to get two 8-by-10 and two 8-by-12 strips. These are going to be the beehive’s side frames.

3. Cut out two 12-by-12 panels from the plywood sheet, as these are going to become bottom and top panels. Insert an 8-by-12 strip into a vice and then tighten it. Place another one against its side to create a 90-degree angle and use 2-inch nails in order to secure both 8-by-12 strips together. Do the same with other pieces. After fitting the angled pieces together you are going to get a square-shaped box.

4. Take one of the base pieces and place it on the frame with hammer nails into the side panels 2 inches around the perimeter. Cut out 2 1-by-3 inches long wood pieces. Measure one inch from each side of the corners and place those already cut wood pieces at the marked corners. Do the same at the opposite corner.

5. Measure the central point in the centre of the bottom and top panels, drill a hole on both panels. These are going to be an entrance and exit for the bees.

6. Paint the box you’ve made in bright colors and allow it to dry. Place the beehive in the place you want to see bees at.

This is how to build a beehive. Easy and fast, don’t you agree?
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