How to Build a Lean-to in a Couple of Days: a Few Regulations to Follow

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A lean-to is normally attached to a building (bard, shed, garage or the side of the house) in order to provide economical shelter for equipment or vehicles. How to build a lean-to is what interests lots of homeowners, who need extra room. Surprisingly, but to build it one doesn’t need to possess any special knowledge. However, there are a few things you are to be aware of.

Make a Plan

In order to succeed in building a proper lean to you are to decide on how the lean should be constructed. Figure out as to what the lean is going to be constructed to. Some people use such sheds to store woods, grills and a number of other outdoor equipment. Before you gather the needed material, you are to know whether the lean will be attached to any other building or it’ll stand as an alone style shed.

Draw a plan, taking into account all the measurements and calculations you’ve already taken. When the lean serves as an addition to any other building that is in your property, you are to design only three walls. Don’t forget that one of the walls should be taller than others. What for? This keeps rain and snow from the building, allowing it to stand even harsh weather conditions.

In case you are not absolutely sure as to what design should be used, you can look through available online plans and take any of them as yours. In any case, how to build a lean-to has never been a great problem.

Installing the Support Header

This is what you are to start with right after planning. The end of the header must set back from the edge of the building you are going to attach the lean to. Always consider the thickness of the trim and siding. Your task is to mark the location of the header’s end. Make sure that the header is level end-to-end and then fasten it in place with lad screws through the siding and right into the studs of the building. Drop a plumb line from the header’s corners and mark the locations on the bottom of the building. This will definitely help in determining the support posts’ location.


  • the length needed for one end and then the opposite one

  • the distance between the 2 plumb-line marks for the carport’s length

  • between the two stakes

Drive a stake and then fasten the string in place, drive a stake and then add the 2nd string line? Adjust the stakes to achieve the same distance.

How to Construct the Roof?

For many people this is a real problem. While figuring out how to build a lean-to, many homeowners don’t know how to start building the roof and what materials to use.

You are to use pieces of lumber that are cut to the required size to build the roof. If you are opting for a flat-style roof, you can mount the pieces across the wall frame’s top and then cover the area with thick plywood. When the pitched-style roof is your option, you must join boards together and create L-shaped rafters.

Strong, but lightweight metal is the best material for roofing. Normally, the whole construction should be made up of the purlins that are fastened on the edge across the rafters with the metal roofing that is fastened down on these. This fact is very important in how to build a lean-to. Why? Because it allows a space, where the birds get out of the weather and build their nests.

The whole design shouldn’t be too strong or have the roof slope for high slow areas. The design can simply suit the length, height and width of the existing building.

However, how to build a lean-to shouldn’t be the only question to bother you: before making a plan, find out whether there are any regulations and laws that permit or forbid building such leans.

Using these simple tips you will manage to attach this sort of construction to any type of building you have. Let how to build a lean-to be not a problem you cannot cope with.
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