How to Build a Safe Dog House Correctly: The Main Steps and Recommendations

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First steps to the future dog house: choosing the best place

Fresh air is good for everyone, but still being a good master doesn’t require leaving your small friend sleeping at the porch. Your dog needs normal conditions for staying outdoors.

So how to build a dog house? Most probably you think that it is quite simple and there is nothing to invent and to worry about. But actually, for building a good dog house, you should follow some special recommendations. As any building project, construction of a dog house starts with a very important step – the choice of the place:

1. First of all, the place should be dry;
2. Dogs like and need to take the control of a huge territory and all people who are dwelling on this territory. So before building a house for your small friend, you should stand at the chosen spot and look around attentively. To understand how to build a dog house, you should think which view point will be the most adventurous taking into account dog’s nature and character. Your dog likes the role of being a “watchman” and controlling of the major part of the area is the best for your dog. In this case your dogs make its job and you are happy, so everyone is satisfied.
3. There should be a shadow next to a dog house, but the house itself should be in the sunny place.

Another important step on how to build a dog house: measuring of your dog

A dog house should be constructed according to the size of your dog. You will need to measure:

-From the nose tip to its tail (this is going to be the length of the dog house);
-From legs to withers (this is going to be the height);
-And finally you will need the width in the shoulders as well (for the width of the future trapdoor).

The size of a house should be spacious so that your cute small friend can lie down freely inside. It would be good if the depth of a dog house will be 5-10 centimeters longer than the body of your dog, at the same time the width of a dog house should be 5-10 centimeters bigger than the height. All this measuring is of a high importance so that your dog has a comfortable living in its house. How to build a dog house so it will be ideal for your dog? You have to be very careful while measuring your dog. If the built house will be too small, it is clear that it will be cramped inside. But if it appears to be much bigger, in winter it will be very cold for a dog so it will not get warm even after running lots of circles back and forth.

What materials will you need for building a house for your dog?

It is considered that the best material for a dog house is definitely wood. Very often dog houses are built using waste products that are left after building of a shed, summerhouse or some other stuff. For building a winter house you will need double walls and a heat insulation material.

You will need:

D and M boards;
roofing iron;
schist or ruberoid;

How to build a dog house so it will be safe?

    Do not use pressed wood in the places where a dog can gnaw it. Such wood contains substances that can be too dangerous for the health of your dog. You can use this material for making roof, for example.
Better to take an ordinary wood. However if you want to protect it from weather conditions, you will need to paint it. In such way you will protect wood from the moisture.
Try not to use toxic paints as they usually have negative effect on dogs.
If you want to protect your dog from fleas and insects, use deal boards and fir wood: they have special smell which insects can not stand.
Don’t use chemical materials such as glass-wool, foam plastic. For heat insulation materials try to use natural materials.

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