How to Build a Shed Door in 7 Easy Steps

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Normally, building a shed door provokes confusion and problems. This doesn’t mean that the process itself requires too much time, any special knowledge or tools. The main stumble block is the fact we don’t know what to begin with. So, how to build a shed door?

Firstly, you are to know there exist two simple designs:

    1. terraced door
    2. terraced and braced door

Regardless of the option you pick, you are two learn a few basic things about the construction principles. It is better to start building shed doors from the ground level. You are to make a frame to fit in the doorway of the shed, the siding that fits and then attach it to the ready-made frame either with screws or glue.

Steps You Are to Take

In most cases shed doors are square. Your task number one is to be absolutely sure that they fit the opening; in other case the whole construction won’t work. The whole process won’t take much time, as sheds are usually small, so the doors shouldn’t be massive. You can also choose any material to make the door of, while deciding how to build a shed door, but we recommend using wood.

  -Measure all the sizes of the opening (height and width). Make sure that the doorway is square. If you are going to build a door in order to fit an old building, the opening won’t be square. This is when you are to reframe the opening.
    -Speaking of the material to use, we suggest using wood that is dry. While deciding how to build a shed door, you should better opt for 1-inch thick lumber, varying the width. Keep in mind that the door with different width of lumber looks much more attractive.
    -Rip the board with a circular saw in order to be able to come up with the correct width. Lay the boards out and pull them together. Make overall measurement. After subtracting the door’s size from the larger width you will see that the difference is the amount you are to remove from the boards.
    -Take the board and simply place it in the middle of the design. Cut and attack the braces, cut the door to width and length. Normally, shed doors require three braces: to go straight across the top, across the bottom as well as the diagonal piece to fit snugly in between. Bottom and top pieces are to be comparatively shorter than the door’s width.
    -After attaching the braces, make sure you use ? inch screws in order to join these two pieces together.
    -Lay the plank across the door’s back and make 2 cuts to get the piece to fit. Hold the edge on the diagonal board’s top to make it follow the piece’s edge that has been attached to the shed door’s back. Mark the edges of the diagonal piece and make the cuts.
    -Put this diagonal piece back and screw it to the door’s back. Cut your door to length; add a barrel bolt that has to be above the handle and a gate pull. This is how to build a shed door.

A Few Safety Tips

Now you know how to build a shed door, but before starting, you are to remember that you are to follow a strict building pattern to succeed. One more thing to pay special attention to is the safety while building a door. As you’ve probably noticed, there are many tools to use, while making a shed door.This is why a lot of care should be taken, when using one of them – the circular saw. Get ready to get a kickback, while using the sawhorses, as the clearance under the blades in inadequate. Make sure you place all the screws and bolts in the places, where they belong to.

The article has already shown that how to build a shed door is a rather simple and quick process. The above mentioned steps will help you to build the doors on your own and save money on someone’s services. However, remember that installation process is not that simple, so make sure you have someone to give you a helping hand. Good luck, while building!
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