Building a shed door

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When someone wants to build a shed, he gets confused: what size should it be, what should it be made of, how do I make it last through winter and last but far from least, how to build a shed door that will last? Well, sheds are usually small. They are often built with sizes 2×2 (thus saving time to build it, and provide the space for everything important), there are also many material options to choose from, and you have many designs available in magazines and Internet.

Before starting the construction, one must be aware, that there is a strict plan to do it: at first, a base wood construction is made, then we fortify the floor and build walls. Only then we go on to roofing, and after that doors and windows if they are in the project. Well, since the article is about how to build a proper shed door, we’ll skip the plan till the part where we have to build it.

How to build a shed door that will truly last?

Building any door has its pattern, and as soon as you’ll learn it, the building process will seem straight forward. There are two simple designs to make shed doors: they are terraced door and terraced and braced door. No matter what design you choose, you’ll still have great experience in general carpentry and design and, also, you’ll learn a few things about general construction principles. Mostly shed doors are square and they must fit the shed’s opening, otherwise, the whole construction will not work.

Building a shed door step-by-step:

1. Once you have the shape and size of the opening, just read its width and height with your tape measure;

2. Make sure the frame of the opening is square;

3. When choosing wood for the door, make sure it is absolutely dry and has no shrinkage. Choosing wood different lumber width can be visually attractive, so it’s a good thing to do;

4. After measuring the boards, rip them with the saw. After that take the board and place where the door will be;

5. On to cutting braces. You’ll need 3 braces for most doors: one goes straight across the top, the second goes straight to the bottom and the final piece (which must be diagonal) that will fit in between. When you’re about to attach the pieces, do it them with 1 ¼ inch builder’s screws;

6. Put another plank on the back of the door. This way you’ll complete the “Z” design. Once you’ve put it, don’t forget to screw it tightly;

7. Cut the door to length and mark the cut;

8. Add gate pulls or barrel bolts above the handle. If you don’t want it to be a handle, you can always go for a gate latch (which will hold the door tightly as well). Today many options are available in the stores that will help you to imagine how final product will look like.

How to build a shed door that slides?

These kinds of shed doors are easy to build and even easier to use. They are mounted by rollers which are connected to the door and hang on a track that is fixed above the doorway.

1. Take measurements from the door adding 6 inches to the width and length;

2. Cut a piece of exterior grade plywood to the dimensions, received in a previous step ;

3. Cut the planking according to the height in step 1;

4. Apply the strips to the front of plywood;

5. Place a frame around the door perimeter by applying 1×4 bred on the top of the batten;

6. Make a barn door handle about 3 feet from the ground and about 6 inches from one side.

7. In the end the rollers are aggregated with plywood on the back side of the door. Sometimes it is required to screw deep into the plywood, while in other cases the trick is to pass a bolt right through a hole drilled in the door and fixing it with a nut and washer.

How to build a shed door that differs from the original size?

Don’t worry in case if you’ve made a mistake in some measures and the doors are smaller, then you expected. You can make it larger without tearing down the whole shed. All you have to do is expand the door opening and set a bigger door, thus making your shed more versatile and allowing you to sore bigger tools.

Hopefully those tips were useful, and you know how to build shed doors properly.



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