How to build a shed roof – Six simple steps to build a perfect shed roof!

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You are thinking over how to build a shed roof? This information is just for you!


It can sound difficult for the first time – how to build a shed roof yourself, with your own hands. But you’ve done the most important – you wanted to do it! With this tips you hopefully will succeed!


Tools you need:

  • Shed roof materials package
  • Hammer
  • Hand saw
  • Miter saw
  • Circular saw
  • Pry bar
  • Measuring tape
  • Framing and decking nails
  • Ladder
  • Safety rope
  • Chalk line
  • Metal framing fasteners and brackets
  • Pencil

How to Build a Shed Roof? 6 Steps:

  1. When you start building a shed roof you have to calculate the height – it’s a responsible step as you are building a safe structure above your head and you don’t want it to come down.

First of all, measure your shed with a measuring tape and decide where to place some 2X4 and 2X6 trusses down.

Measure the rafters and cut them to length. The rafters must be longer than the building’s size, overhanging at each end of the house. That’s why you have to append a foot at the front and at the back. Suppose the building is 12 feet wide – then you should use a 14-foot-long 2 x 7 for your rafter.

But you won’t have a square cut. To make the correct cut, calculate the rise over run, which depends on the width of the house. We took the width of the house 12 feet. To find the rise you need to calculate the difference in height between the front of the building and its back. Suppose, the building is 10 feet high in front and 8 feet high in back – so you get the rise making 2 feet. Therefore the rise over run is 2 to 12, we will reduce it to 1 to 6 for convenience. We will take this into account when making the ends of the rafters.

Take the framing rafter and mark a line to cut the end. Define the angle for the cut taking into account the remarks above. Cut all the rafters and make sure all the rafters are the same in length.



2.  Place one rafter above the two plates. Make the ends overhang at the front part of the building and at the back of it as well. Indicate the points of contact on the rafter and then mark an arrow where the plate’s front edge will join the rafter when it is cut.

Lay the square on the board with the outside corner lying between the two marks. Let the square be in contact with both marks, adjusting it till you reach the 1 to 6 ratio in the framing square’s notch. Aim that one side of the square reaches 1 inch and the other one – 6 inches –you can place the mark here.

You have one more pair of marks – repeat the algorithm with them.


3.  Using a hand saw, make the notches in the rafter.


4.  Place the rafter where it must be to see if it is made in the right way. If so, cut all the rafters you need in the same manner. The must be quite the same!


5.  Nail all the rafters to the plates .Put the blocks between the rafters above all the plates for the length of the house.


6.  Cover the roof surface with the plywood and the felt paper. Tack the paper down gently. Then cover the felt paper with asphalt rolled roofing.


Now you know how to build a shed roof yourself!


It doesn’t matter what will you cover roof with, you will need a roof ridge piece anyway. Roof ridge coverings protect your house from leaking.


Think over roof ventilation: you need to add vents to the gables – this will reduce condensation problems. You can place vents in the front gables or back ones to let air circulate. You can make gable vents yourself using wood slats and screen or buy them. You can be more creative and make unique circular, rectangular and half-moon gable vents, adding some interesting design to the roofline.


Roof Overhangs: Construction of a roof with an overhang can modify the appearance of the shed itself and besides, offer some functions. If you have a large overhang, the shed can allow a cozy outdoor seating area. Of course, it’s much easier to build a shed roof without overhangs, but this ensemble looks very attractive!


Hope this tutorial will be of use for you to know how to build a shed roof!

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