How to build a wood shed easily and quickly?

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What can be better then the warmth of a fire on a long, long winter night? Still, the whole magic of such heartwarming moments quickly disappears when somebody asks you to fetch some more wood. Something tells me that you’re really sick and tired of a three-mile winter jog. Your next step is to think about how to build a wood shed. In fact, you have two choices. You can hire someone who will build it for you or you can build it yourself. The second option is usually your best bet if you have some financial difficulties and saving a little bit of cash is really important.

Any wood shed is a functional and attractive addition to your backyard.  In summer it will be useful to store your garden tools. Or, you may make some improvements and you’ll get a cute garden house, a kind of a work shed, or even a nice playhouse for your kids.

Now, we are going to discuss how to build a wood shed. All you’ll need is a little bit of planning and several simple tools.



First of all, let’s check if you have all the things you will have to use to build a shed:


• Carpentry tools

• String and stakes

• Nails and screws

• Electric saw

• Concrete blocks (optional)

• Door with hardware or some more lumber to build a new door

• 2×4 lumber

• Concrete blocks (optional)


General instructions:


1.  Let’s choose the perfect place!

Find the perfect place in your backyard for a new shed. One of your main goals should be putting it close to the house. Now please remove the grass thoroughly from within the foot print of your future shed with the help of a flat bladed shovel.


2.  Attached or Freestanding?

You can build an attached (lean-to) shed or a freestanding one. The second option is good for you if you already have an unoccupied concrete slab. Lean-to sheds align with an exterior wall of your house and are very convenient. You are free to build a freestanding shed if you’ve found a cement slab or you may also use some cement blocks. The roof with both sloping sides is the best choice if water drainage is a great problem.


3.  Some calculating

Now you’ll need your math skills. If you have already enjoyed all the pleasures of your own fire for at least one winter season, you have enough practice to calculate the amount of wood you will approximately need. Don’t be afraid of numbers; just use your practical knowledge!


4.  Sketching

You shouldn’t be a genius painter to draw a simple sketch of your backyard shed. First, imagine it and then you’ll understand how to build a wood shed. You’ll need this sketch to figure out the amount of material you’ll need. Don’t forget about the lumber for the roof of your unit and its door (unless you are planning to purchase a ready-made one). You can ask some master carpenters for advice.


5.  Mark the floor parameters

Your next step is to mark the general parameters of the unit floor. In this case you’ll need to use string and stakes. If you are building a freestanding unit and you do not get any slab in your backyard, use concrete blocks for its base. Build the floor with 2×4 lengths of lumber and nails. After that you are to cover its floor with some plywood sheeting.


6.  Frame the walls

Let’s frame up four (or three) walls and add braces at the corners in order to reinforce their frames. For a lean-to shed you should anchor frames to your house exterior wall or first to frame up its sides and front on the ground and then lift and anchor them. After that, secure the frames to the floor of the shed.


7.  Install the door

Decide where to install the door. Frame up the area of the shed door. When you were thinking about how to build a shed, you imagined its design. Now the only thing you are to do is to realize that design. You may either build a door to fit the opening you made or use a ready-made one with hinges and hardware.


8.  Enclose your shed

You should use nails and a hammer to attach 2×4 planks of lumber horizontally or vertically to the frames of walls in order to completely enclose the shed.


9.  Making the roof

First, construct rafters laying 2x4s across the tops of the wall frames and after that use plywood to cover the flat area of the roof. Of course, when it comes to aesthetics you may wonder how to build a wood shed with a pitched roof, but in fact a flat one will perfectly serve your purpose. In order to keep your stored wood dry, you’ll need to nail roofing shingles to the roof.


10.  You’re done!

We suggest leaving some airflow inside your unit and your damp wood will dry out. Your final step is to complete the exterior design and paint your unit with some outdoor paint (you may need several coats).


It’s really simple, isn’t it? Now you know how to build a wood shed and can share your knowledge with your neighbors. Surely, they will like your convenient and neat backyard shed.

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