How to Build Fence in Five Easy Steps

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Got tired of neighbors’ pets on your lawn? Or just want to feel really safe at home? You need a reliable and durable fence. If you want to build the best fence, build it yourself. Grab your instruments, it’s time to create a masterpiece!


1. Decide where the fence will be installed and set the end posts. With a help of posts holes digger dig holes, put posts in them and fill them around with cement.

2. Set the rest posts at the distance 8 feet from center to center. A builder’s line will help to set them in a straight line.

3. You’ll have to nail 3 stringers at the posts.

4. The vertical boards will finish your fence.

5. It’s time to make your fence unique. With a help of waterproof sealer add some style to your fence.

After you’ve learned how to build fence, you may build the most beautiful one for your yard!
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