How to Build Outdoor Stairs in a Few Easy Steps

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Building an outdoor staircase can be quite tricky but when you get into details you will realize that you don’t need special education to do it and it will be just a piece of cake for you.


The first thing you need to know, local building codes usually regulate all the measurements so be sure to check with them before getting to start. Then there are a few easy steps:

   - Design the staircase image
   - Pick the necessary tools and materials
   - Do all the necessary measurements
 - Get to work and remember “measure thrice and cut once”

Manual on How to Build Outdoor Stairs

Prepare your base: dig the foot holes for your staircase to be stable and place the concrete forms inside. Be attentive and accurate. First, you need to cut the stringer supports which are followed by placing the bottom posts. After that you can cut the stringers and position side and middle ones. Next you need to cut runners and risers and attach them, and done!

Enjoy the beautiful outdoor staircase that you have built with your own hands.
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