How to install a door frame

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In this article we’re going to tell you how to make a doorframe properly. First of all, buy a ready-made door frame, (it will speed up the process but you can also make one yourself). During the installation, raise the frame a bit and put a tar paper gasket beneath it (or you can apply some foam). At this point, it is crucial that the lower plank remains in a horizontal position! For this purpose, use tools like knee to maintain angle of 90°.


Those were the easiest steps how to make a doorframe. Now the only problem is to make sure that the frames will remain in the right angle. Make a little hole near the side planks (we’ll hammer some corks in them later). The corks must be later hammered in with nails in a way that the nails’ hats go a few millimeters inside the cork. When the door frame will be fixed, you’ll notice that there is some space between it and the walls. Apply some foam inside those holes and it will occupy all the free space nicely.

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