How to Make an Effective Birdhouse?

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Nowadays, more and more people are interested in the methods of how to make a birdhouse. As a matter of fact, there are two basic approaches for creating birdhouses. The first one is implemented in practical life when parents want to spend time with their children and evoke the feelings of love and sympathy towards birds. In this case, birdhouses are created as a decoration, and not as a means of safety and protection of birds. However, if you have made your choice to create a beautiful and effective birdhouse, you should take a lot of recommendations and pieces of advice into consideration.


Useful recommendations that will help create a good and beautiful birdhouse are the following ones:

 -Decide what material to choose. Remember that wood is considered to be the best material for making birdhouses. Never use metals as a material for constructing a birdhouse, as they become too cold when the weather is frosty or too hot when the weather is extremely hot. Wood, however, remains neutral under any weather conditions.
 -Create a plan of a birdhouse. Do not forget to plan a few holes at the top of a birdhouse, as they contribute to better ventilation, which is very important, especially when the weather is hot. Several screws should be provided in the box as well, as they help clean the box in an easy way later on.
 -Pay special attention to the creation of the roof of a birdhouse. Do not forget to build a pitch in order to shed water. What is the purpose of it? First and foremost, it protects the entrance from rain. More than that, make several holes in the floor of the box, so that when it is raining, the floor allows some drainage and there is no water in the box later on. You should care about the comfortableness of a birdhouse as well, as a lot of birds remain there for some period of time and, as a result, the quality of a bird house has a direct impact on birds.
 -Think over the size of a birdhouse. Here, you should take into consideration for what types of birds a birdhouse will be constructed. This information will help you construct an entrance hole, which should be located not far from the top of a birdhouse. Remember that the size of an entrance hole should not exceed the size of birds.

What tools will be beneficial when you make a birdhouse?

After we have defined how to build a birdhouse, let us focus our attention on the tools that should be at hand when constructing a birdhouse. They are:

Pencil. It will be useful when creating a scheme of a potential birdhouse.
Ruler. You will need it in order to estimate the proportions of each part of a birdhouse.
-Hand saw.
- Coping saw.
- Screwdriver.
- Power drill.
- Hammer.
- Paintbrush.
- Safety glasses.

What materials should be used?

If you have prepared all the tools and are persuaded that you know how to make a birdhouse, do not forget to obtain all the materials mentioned below:

- Wood of an appropriate size (in full accordance with the size that was defined in your plan).
- A dowel made from wood.
- Waterproof glue.
- Screws from wood.
- Penny nails.
- Paint (latex house paint is recommended, as it is of a high quality).

As soon as you have understood how to make a birdhouse, think about the placement or location of it. Birdhouses should be placed at a level that would be appropriate for birds. It should not be very low, as some natural predators can gain access to it. However, it should not be very high as well, as the higher it is, the greater the possibility is that natural phenomena can damage or destroy a birdhouse. The combination of sun and shadow should be provided in equal proportions in the place that you consider to be the location for a birdhouse. If you plan to build several birdhouses at once, locate them in different places then, so that they are situated at an appropriate distance from each other.


Now, when you know how to make a birdhouse, start constructing it right now.
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