How to make shutters by yourself?

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The shutter making process starts with window measuring. The right size for your shutter will be the same as your windows or a bit bigger.


Once the necessary measurements had been made, you’ll need following materials:

 - Wooden beams 40x60mm;
 - A 20-30 mm wide board;
 - Fretsaw;
 - Tape measure;
 - A pencil;
 - Some furniture;
 - Sand paper;
 - Paint or varnish;
- Some glue for wood.

Wooden beams are used to make a shutter frame (each shutter must have its own frame). When making a frame, measure the angles carefully and make sure that beams stay parallel to each other. Once the frame details are ready, glue them together and attach them with screws. The next step is to attach some boards on the outside (the best way is to use the notched ones to minimize the distance between the boards). Basically, this is how to make shutters. All that’s left is to paint them or cover with varnish and decorate them with some nice image.
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