If You Want to Build the Stairs

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…first you need to learn how to build stairs right. Now, you can find many directories and advice but you need to remember that without the proper preparation it can be the most challenging do-it-yourself task, or it can be as easy as an abc. So stick with this article for we know how to help you!

First Requirements

There is a law code for every construction in every neighborhood and every country, so you might want to find out them before start building anything. The only thing that is most important is that all the steps must be of the same size, exactly same size. Did you know that statistically, if one step is 1 centimeter taller than the others you will trip every time?

And it’s not only because of the convenience. Most of the codes were created for the fire safety and protection of your environment, so we highly recommend finding out how to build stairs according to the regulations for your own good.

Tools and Supplies

Even if you have never built anything before, and now you want to know how to build stairs you’re your own hands, second thing you have to know is that you will need tools and supplies you will feel comfortable working with. The essentials are easy to cover, you will need: a square, circular and/or hand saw, hammer or drill (depends on whether you want to use screws or nails), and tape measure. You might want to make some sandwiches because it can take rather a long time to get the work done.

Next, decide what materials you would want to use, what color and pattern you want for your future stairs. When you have the image, you can either just get the materials (e.g. wood) and cut everything yourself, or you can get premade runs and risers, which will make it much easier for you. Finally, you will need either screws or nails to hold the construction together.

Step 1: Measurements

Right now find out how to build stairs from bottom to the top, easily and quickly. First you will need to find out the total rise, or the total vertical height of stairs. No matter how many stairs you are planning to build, you need to know the exact measure. Then, of course, goes the rise of each step: divide your height by the height of each step that fits your building code and you will get the number of stairs you need to have.

Next, find the total run of the staircase – the horizontal dimension, as you have guessed. Use the building code again, it’s important you don’t forget about it for a second. A piece of advice: if you want to make a really tall staircase, you might want to break it into parts with the mid-landings. And you can proceed to step two.

Step 2: Stringers

Before laying out the steps, decide what stringers you want for it: it’s either attaching them directly to the rim joist or to inserting them under the framing – it’s up to you, basing on the design you have chosen. When choosing the latter, there are also two ways to do it: either cutting and attaching the full stringers part, or making it like a puzzle – made of fragments. It is your choice how to build stairs that you want.

When you complete the measurement: here the framing square will be helpful – and double check it, just in case, use the circular saw and cut all you need. Just be careful not to go beyond lines. If there is some small work to do, you can use a handsaw to finish it. When it is done, you can attach the strings to the stairs with either screws or nails, and go to the next step.

Step 3: the Work Is Almost Done

You can finally start cutting runs and risers, based on the measurements you did in the step 1. If you have done all the measurements right, it will not be difficult at all. You can add some more screws and nails to it in the strategic places to make the construction more stable.

Now you know everything about how to build stairs of your own with your own hands. Oh, almost forgot, do you remember the sandwiches we mentioned? Yes, you can have them now.
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