Instructions on how to Build a Chicken Coop on Your Own

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Building a chicken coop requires special consideration and profound knowledge. However, everything is not that difficult, if you follow exact directions, take the correct measurements and find proper materials. So, how to build a chicken coop? What are the essential things everyone should keep in mind?


Make a Plan

Believe it or not, but you aren’t going to succeed without a proper plan. What does the plan include? Firstly, you need to find the location the coop is going to be in. Clear the space you are going to use. It is highly recommended to pick a site on elevation, which ensures that puddles won’t affect it after rain.

Height and Size

Before finding out how to build a chicken coop, decide on how many chickens will fit in the square footage. Normally, a chicken needs 4 square feet, but in case you let the hens out every day, 2 feet per chicken is enough.

Make sure there is enough room for hens and plenty of space to the ceiling. How tall it is from the ground is also very important, as long as you are going to clean it.

Windows of the Chicken Coop

It is important to let the sunlight flowing, and that’s why the windows are to face the sun. In order to prevent hens from resting on the windows, we suggest using sliding ones.

Try to use the largest size windows you can. Real windows are the best for long term use. Besides, they are much better for insulation.

Think of Proper Ventilation

In order to keep moisture and ammonia levels low, you are to think of ventilation, while figuring out how to build a chicken coop. Though it is not recommended, some people build a well-insulated coop. In this case they are to clean it frequently.

A Guide on Building a Chicken Coop

-After deciding what design to use and having taken all measurements, cut the wood to the proper size. Place 4 pieces on a ground, creating a rectangle. To create the base of the coop, screw them all together and lean a post at a45 degree angle at each corner. This will help to create an A-frame. Such posts must be of 6 feet in length.
-Connect the end posts with wood’s length to make a tent-like structure with a vivid triangle at the end. Choose one of the triangles as the place, where the door is going to be. Use nails and wood to build a door frame and attach it inside a triangle with screws.
-Make walls out of chicken wire. While wiring, try not to leave gaps, as chickens can try to escape and stick their hands in these gaps. We suggest digging the wiring down at about four feet in the ground. This will prevent animals from digging under the fence. Besides, it is important to cover the top, while deciding how to build a chicken coop. For this purpose you can use a wire grill.
-The final thing to do is to make the door. All you are to do is to cut a piece of plywood, which is to be ? inch smaller than the space that is left for the door. Attach the door with a hinge and then secure a bolt latch on the side.

What Wood to Use?

There exist several different types of wood you can use. Plywood is one of them. It comes in different thickness and is commonly used by most of those, who wish to know to build a chicken coop. Oriented strand board is another variant to pay attention to, besides it has a great plus: it costs less than plywood. In case you are going to cover wood with paneling or siding, any wood texture will work.
Wood can also be used as the material for making nest boxes. By the way, it makes the cleaning process much easier.
These tips on how to build chicken coop are going to be pretty helpful, if you haven’t yet decided what to begin with. Make the correct measurements and choose the right materials to ensure the durability of the chicken coop.
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