Learn How to Build a Gate by Your Own Hands

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Every fence needs a gate. Your task is to make it beautiful, convenient and durable. In fact, it is not as difficult as you can think at first. Just follow our instructions and you’ll easily learn how to build a gate. It doesn’t matter, what the design is. After understanding the basic positions of building, you’ll be able to make the most suitable gate for your yard. For the beginning choose the most convenient position for building. You can do it in up-right position or on the ground. Then take all needed tools and materials. Make sure you’ve got wood of a good quality as this is important for building a durable gate. Ready? So, let’s go!

Instructions for Building a Gate

Below you’ll find detailed instructions how to build a gate. Follow them carefully and your unique gate will serve you for many years.

   1. A very important stage – measuring. Before cutting the rails make sure your dimensions are correct. Even a little mistake on this stage may be fatal. After measuring your opening for two or even better three times, cut the rails. Their new length should fit the opening perfectly.

  2. With the help of a long level mark nails positions on the post. Then fix the rails with a bottom brace nail. Then secure the rail with top toe nail.

  3. Choose the position of your rails. The best variant is to line them with fence rails. Or you can place one of them 5 inches above the ground, the second one can be placed in 6 inches from the top of the post. The third one will find its plate right in the middle. Leave about 5, 8″ between the rails and the post for easier hinges fixing.

  4. Use temporary nails. They will be removed after hinges’ fixation.

  5. How to build a gate without measuring? The answer is easy: it’s impossible. So, take your measuring tape. Now you should find the right place for brace support. Measure 3 inches from every post and mark the place. You’ve found the position of a brace support. Fix the bottom up and don’t forget that they should be placed on the side of hinges.

  6. It’s time for pickets. You’ll need to use a string line to make this job accurately. First permanent picket should be placed as high as the hinge post. To fix the second picket mark its position. It should be situated at the same height with the first one. Don’t fix it permanently. Take the string line and stretch it on the nails, placed at the top of each picket.

  7. Measure 3/4″ from the latch post. You’ve found the place for the last picket.

  8. Time to start working with hinges. First drill, and then attach them. If you want the hinges to be securely fixed, they should be at least 8 inches long and with 1/2″ lags. Now you don’t need temporary nails, placed for support. So, you can remove them.

  9. Now you can open your gate for the first time. Be gentle with your masterpiece!

  10. Next stage is for a saw. Take it and remove all unwanted wood form the 3/4″ gap you left earlier. This will be a place for a latch.

  11. To place the latch correctly look for manufactures instructions as this process depends on model you’ve chosen.

  12. Now it’s time to make your gate of the height you want. It’s more than easy! Just measure everything accurately, make needed marks and cut excess materials.

  13. If you want your gate look interesting and unique, here you can find information how to build a gate with a convex top on it. You’ll need some extra wood to shape a cut, so not less than 8″ of picked should be left above the highest rail. With the help of PVC pipe draw convex you like. Look at it from different positions to make sure you like it.

Now you know how to build a gate. Be sure, your handmade gate will be the most beautiful and welcoming in the neighborhood, because it will be made with your heart and love.
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