Manual on how to Build a Garden Fence Fast

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Building a garden fence is a quite easy task to cope with. For many people it becomes a necessity, if they want to keep animals out or simply add some aesthetic look to their backyard. So, how to build a garden fence? Well, to begin with you are to decide what materials to use. We suggest using wood, besides, many stores cell ready-made fence parts.

  1. Measure and then place a stake around the garden. Place a stake between two others in the place, where you want to have a gate. Tie a string and run it along, looping at the fence corners.
  2. Dig post holes. The depth should depend on the height of the fence you want to have. After that, set posts and place a level on to know they are plumb. Pour concrete mix and tamp it down.
  3. Secure fence panels to the posts, using deck screws and cut them in the corners of the fence.Then cut one of the panels narrower than the opening and place lumber from one corner to another on the gate’s back. Use deck screws to secure it and simply install the gate.

This is how to build a garden fence fast and without additional problems.
If You Want to Build the Stairs