Step-by-Step Guide How to Build a Bat House Fast

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Bats are considered to be good neighbors. One brown bat eats up to 1,000 mosquitoes per hour. They also eat moths and other insects, pollinate some flowers. Bats are good natural pest controllers. We can help them building special bat houses. So, if you are going to do this, keep reading this article and you will find many useful tips on how to build a bat house fast and easy.

Why Should We Build a House for Bats?

It may sound strangely for you, but bats don’t always live in the caves. As a rule, they spend cold months in the caves, and most of them spend hot months under the bridges, in trees, or in old desolate buildings.

You may wonder why you need to build a bat house, or why they cannot find a nice place by themselves. But today it is a challenge and many bats cannot overcome it. Ideally, they live in the forests, but a purpose of special bat houses is to help those who cannot find space there.

Step-by-Step Guide How to Build a Bat House Fast

Follow this step-by-step instruction how to build a bat house and you will achieve a positive result:

Step 1. First of all, you should measure all wood according to the plan. Then cut out all parts.

Step 2. Cut the netting. Take six pieces of 14″x21″ and one piece of 16″x30″. Staple small pieces to partitions and large ones to the inside surface of the back.

Step 3. Attach 10″ and 5″ spacers to the inside corners of the box.

Step 4. Place the partitions on the spacers. But remember that you should not block the side vents.

Step 5. Screw all sides together to make a narrow box with an entrance slot on the bottom. Don’t forget to apply caulking to all holes in order to protect a bat house from poor weather.

Step 6. When your bat house is ready, you should pain its surface with special water based paint. A color of the box depends on an area where you live. The higher the temperature, the darker the color of the paint. For instance, if the average temperature is 85°F, black color will be the best.

Step 7. Install your box for bats. Remember that proper installation of the box plays a very important role. It should be located in an open area facing south where the sun exposure is high.

Some Additional Advice about How to Build a Bat House

As it was mentioned before, to build a bat house is a good decision if you really want to help a wild nature. But before beginning this process, there are some important things you should pay attention to.

 - Try to hang your box for bats in those places where “people traffic” is low enough. It is not recommended to place it on a tree, as it can be too shaded and as a result, some predators can easily attack bats there. But if you don’t have another place where to hang the box, then it will be better to place a metal predator guard around the tree.

 - You can build and install a bat house at any time of the year. But it will be better to do it before spring.

 - As a rule, bats don’t use a bat house during the winter period.

 - Place a bat house so that it can receive from 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day.

 - Such box for bats should be located at least 12 feet above the ground.

 - Don’t forget to clean the bat house and do maintenance every winter.

 - If you hang a bat house near a stream or a pond, there are more chances that the bats will live there.

Building a bat house is a great possibility to provide care for wildlife and help to rear little ones. Our main goal should be to make a house that mimics the space between a tree trunk and a bark. That is why this space should be narrow, and of a dark color to make it comfortable and warm for bats’ babies.

So, if you decided to help those natural pest controllers, use the abovementioned tips on how to build a bat house. Moreover, this process is easy, fun and can be performed by anyone who has some woodworking experience and basic tools.
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