Step-by-Step Guide How to Build a Fence by Yourself

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Today a fence is not just means of defense of your territory and marking its borders, but also a decorative element of your plot. That is why a question of choice and correct construction of a fence is particularly vital, because nowadays except summer cottages private houses have become widespread as well.

In our turbulent times a fence is not a luxury, but a necessity. Today almost every person can build a fence by himself from any available material. If you belong to this category of people who want to know how to build a fence, you are in a right place. Here you will find all necessary information about how to build a fence and how can you do this fast and easy.

Wood Fence is the Easiest to Install

A fence is a great addition to your house. It also looks beautiful. Such fence can serve you as a measure of privacy and security. Pets of your neighbors will not be able to spoil your flower beds.

Wood fence is the easiest and the fastest to install. You don’t have to spend much time and money in order to build it. As a rule, softwood is usually used for building a fence as it has a good texture, glance and a long durability.

Wooden fences are the most common type of fences that people build today. It can be explained by that factor that wood has aesthetic versatility, is available and of course has lower prices.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Fence

Before deciding to build a fence by yourself, you must decide what its purpose is and how much money can you spend on building a fence. When you answer these questions, you can choose the material for your fence.

Wood fence as well fences made from other material has its own advantages and disadvantages.


- The availability of material;
- Low cost;
- Ability to experiment with form and color.


- Fragility of the material;
- Requires care.

How to Build a Fence Fast

There are different ways how to build a fence. But remember, before building a fence, you should know where the lines are located. Don’t forget to get all necessary permits for your building in local department, consult local association rules about building a fence on your property.

Step 1. Begin with the previous layout.

First of all, create a plan on a paper. It will help you to make all necessary adjustments to make your fence as you expected. You can also estimate what material and how much of it will you need to build a fence.

Make a layout by means of a cord. The distance between supports should be 1.5-2 meters. Ram the pales in. Be sure to determine the location for your gate.

Step 2. Set the posts.

Be sure to dig holes deep enough. Determining the depth of the holes take into consideration type and height of fence, soil conditions etc. Put the posts in the holes and for better operational reliability, fill the holes with cement or dirt.

Step 3. Set the rails.

Rails’ locations depend on style and height of your fence. There are a few ways of how to set the rails. Lap joint is the simplest one: rails are attached to the posts’ surface. In other way that is called board-on-board, upper and lower rails are nailed at a certain distance. When the fence is too high, you may also nail the third rain in the middle.

Be sure the rails are cut according to the length of the center of the post to the center of the next post. They should be fastened to the posts by means of two fasteners. Take the next rail and place it so it can abut upon the previous one.

Step 4. Paint the fence.

When the fence is ready, you need to cover it with a protective waterproofing paint. Depending on what type of fence you have built, you will need to repaint it from time to time.

Fence is like a visiting card of your house. Although it is not so difficult to build it by yourself, but the only thing you need is just your desire and a little of knowledge. Follow the abovementioned tips on how to build a fence and you will succeed. So, good luck in building!
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