Tips and tricks everyone should know when building a porch

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As a rule, one doesn’t have to worry about how to build a porch, because this is a part of the house builder’s work. There are situations, though, when you must renovate this particular element, because it became useless at some point or you would like to transform it, making its design original and modern-looking.

Making a porch with your own hands

If at some point you’ve decided that your porch must be refreshed or remade from a notch, you must know the main rule – it must be built, using the same materials that were used during the construction of the house as it’s a part of construction. So, if your house is made of bricks, the porch must be constructed using cement and bricks. If you have a wooden house, a porch must be made of wood, to support a harmony.


How to build a porch for a brick house?

So, if you have a house made of bricks, it is very important that the porch is made with the same material. If you’re renewing a porch, it must be dismantled till the ground and you should dig a new den for substructure. The depth of the den will depend on the type of soil and the existence of ground water but must not exceed one meter. The next step is to make a 20cm sand pillow, build a frame for a substructure and then fill it with concrete mixture.

Professional builders that know how to build a porch, have a great tip to install a porch support: first you have to remove a layer of soil (about 20 cm); then you fill this den with rammed scree and cover it all with sand. The sand must be watered in order to cover all the available space. Then you must make sure that you maintain a certain level of mixtures and make a new frame for every new layer. When the layer of scree and sand will harden, it must be cowered with mixture of chad and sand or just eliminated sand. After that, the frame is raised to another level and corners are reinforced with metal angles that go inside the mixture. One can also cover the top layer with decorative tiles for further outdoor use, but make sure it is not slippery. Another important thing about porch building is to make sure that the platform is 5cm lower than the level of door opening. Handrail can be made of any material; it is entirely up to you.

How to build a porch out of wood?

Usually, people make wooden porches when they build wooden houses outside of town. Building a wooden house, as well as porch is considered cleaner and less demanding. One doesn’t have to be an expert builder or have special tools to build constructions from wood. So, on to building a wooden porch! There are many ways to build a porch from wood, but mostly people choose a way when you make stairs with a little platform right from the doors. Specialists note that this option is a big mistake as there is a great risk that the frozen soil will go up a bit and block the doors. Another wrong way how to build a porch is to install an entire porch on wooden columns without putting them (columns) on some sort of groundwork and protecting them from getting wet. Not taking these things into account will make your columns spoil very fast, forcing you to remake the whole structure.

The easiest way to install a wooden porch is to install a stair box on a concrete or chad substructure, while the porch platform is supported by the joists that are coming from the walls of the house. The lower planks of such construction must be oiled with pitch or engine oil.

One more way how to build a porch is to build it on stringers: the platform will be supported by the balks, but the lower ends of the stringers must be placed against a concrete support, which should be hydro isolated from above (a great choice for support would be a railway rail). Stringers are attached without nails, only by chopping out wood and are united by a support balk with penetrating spikes in the upper part, were the stringer and the porch will be attached.
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