Tips on How to Build Garage Shelves: Location, Materials and the Constructing Process

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For many people garage is a perfect place for storage. However, in most cases it becomes a jumble of piles and boxes. So, how to bring it in order and use the maximum room? You are simply to know how to build garage shelves. Surprisingly, but safe and sturdy shelves can be built from simple materials with the help of basic tools. Would you like to find out more?

Decide Where and How

The main task you are to accomplish, while building shelves in your garage, is to take advantage of the space you have in the most efficient way. If you are going to use the shelves for storing simple stuff, you can use less expensive materials. In case you want your guests to see them, look for good materials and paint. The location of the shelves is the main factor that influences the cost of materials.

Always take into account the physical condition of the where you’d like to install the shelves. When the area is exposed to humidity, wood will soon fall apart and metal shelves may rust. How to build garage shelves in a proper way? Just make sure they are well-supported, as well as reinforced. Keep in mind that you are going to put lots of things on them.

Perhaps, the very first things you are to take care of are proper tools and materials. Take a look at the needs you have, before building the shelves. This will help to decide what kinds of shelves you really need.

What’s the Proper Material?

How to build garage shelves? Make sure you have the right materials. One of the most flexible ways to build decent-looking shelves is to use wood. This is also referred to as the easiest way ever. Of course, there are lots of types of woods available on the market, but far not all of them are equally good for garage storage shelves.

Don’t count on whole wood, as this is not what you need: it is very expensive and very weak. You need strong and durable wood at affordable prices, plus its look is important as well. In this case you should better opt for practice board or plywood.

Building Shelves:
Easy Rules to Keep in Mind

Before wondering how to build garage shelves, make sure you’ve taken all the necessary measurements. Clean the garage to clear all the mess and start with creating a proper layout.

Keep in mind our recommendation on the choice of proper materials and purchase the right wood to construct a durable shelf. The wood should better be purchased from a lumber yard. How to construct a single set of shelves? You are to build two shelf supports with a horizontal one connecting the front of the shelf support uprights. This is how to build garage shelves:

    1. Start building shelf supports. Attach the horizontal one to the vertical in order to create the space that is required between the shelves. The construction will look like a half of a ladder with horizontal supports (the ladder’s rungs) and the vertical ones of the ladder’s legs.
2. Fasten these supports to the studs of the wall four feet apart. Always use a level in order to fasten horizontal supports at the required height. Use 16 common nails (2 ? inch deck screws) to fasten all shelf supports together.
3. Fasten four foot long supports between 2 supports that are already attached to the wall. One of the horizontal supports should go along the wall, while the other one should connect the supports at the front. After completing all the sides of each shelf, you will see that they all are supported by a horizontal support.
4. Take the plywood and cut it to the appropriate size. Place it on the shelves. Take 1 or possibly 1 ? inch deck screws in order to attack the plywood to the supports of the shelf.

Normally, how to build garage shelves doesn’t take much time. Follow the described directions and arrange your storing area in a proper way to get more space for the things you need. Good luck!
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