Useful tips on how to build a treehouse safety and fast

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Indeed, treehouse is an excellent idea for both adults and kids to have fun. If you want to build it somewhere in your garden, you should learn more about building techniques and rely on your creative thinking and imagination.


Some important tips

Keep in mind the following important tips on how to build a treehouse:

 1. First you should find a safe and sturdy tree for your treehouse. The tree must have a strong trunk, sturdy branches and roots that go deeply into the ground. You may also consult an expert before start building something.
 2. Imagine your treehouse and draw it out on paper as accurately as possible. Before you determine how to build a treehouse, consider whether you want it to be visible or hidden. Decide on the shape and size you want. Make sure your treehouse won’t disturb other people. You may also draw several various designs and then choose one of them.
 3. Put a rope ladder or nail boards into the tree in order to climb and sit in the branches.
 4. The key element of your treehouse is a secure foundation. Build it close to the trunk and try to reduce damage to the tree. You’d better use rope lashing instead of nails. Surely, it is important to know how to make right knots.
5. Once the foundation is secure, you should add the floor. You’d better use proper tongue-and-groove floorboards or exterior plywood. Then, frame the walls. Use pressure-treated nails to attach frames together. The roof should be covered with roofing felt.

Some creative ideas on how to build a treehouse

  – A giant hammock attached to the deck

It’s a real pleasure to sit right among the branches on the outside balcony, deck or veranda! A deck can be either a part of the treehouse foundation or a separate place nearby. If you want to make a balcony at a different level, you may use a wooden walkway or rope bridge to reach it. Don’t forget about safe railings around the deck. You can also attach a giant hammock to the deck and get a wonderful place to relax!

  – Various ideas for doors and windows

The possibilities for doors and windows are endless. You may choose rustic cottages, Gothic towers, country style and other kinds of design that best suit your taste. It would be better to use Plexiglas or Perspex instead of glass for lightness and safety. You have to keep windows and doors in the proportion to the design and size of your treehouse. You may use recycled or old items whenever possible.

  – Spiral steps or a bridge between adjacent trees

If your treehouse is not too far from the ground, you may use a wooden or rope ladder to get up there. In case it is high, you’d better build steps with handrails. You may try to add some fabulous look to your treehouse with the help of spiral steps. They look more natural than straight ones, indeed. Apart from that, you can build a rope walkway or a bridge between adjacent trees.

How to build a treehouse safety?

Clearly, the last thing you want is to fall down. Therefore, you have to inspect steps, walkways, and ladders regularly and repair damage immediately. Remember to check the decks, floors and railings for weakness and rot. Check the tree for growth and movement annually and adjust attachments to the tree if necessary. Remember that safety is crucial during construction. Use only safety harnesses and ladders and tie them firmly to a strong branch. Always think before you act to avoid any trouble.

Don’t forget to check your building codes and local ordinances to ensure that your treehouse won’t violate safety laws.

So, you have learned about all the secrets on how to build a treehouse fast and safety. Don’t hesitate to give free rein to your imagination and creativity! Let your dreams come true!
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