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Are you thinking about building your own greenhouse to produce seedlings and grow tender crops like peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes? Take a chance and go on reading to find out more on how to build a greenhouse in your place.


Know Your Region

How to build a greenhouse? This can be a pretty easy task to cope with, if you are well-acquainted with a few main rules. Considering the territory is one of such rules. Why? The thing is you are to choose the construction, as well as materials that are adequate for your place.

If it often snows and rains, the construction should be pretty strong. One more reason for concern is heat loss: if you are going to use the greenhouse all the year round, you are to build it strong enough to deal with all weather challenges.

How to Know What Materials to Choose?

There are three materials used during how to build a greenhouse. These are:

1. poly film
2. polycarbonate panels
3. glass

Why and when poly film? This is the cheapest option to consider. It is chosen by those, whose budgets are really small. Poly film is for cases, when the long-term useful life of the greenhouse is not really important. Perhaps, one of the greatest benefits of this material is the fact it is very easy to work with.

What about polycarbonate panels? This is another option worth your attention. It is more expensive than poly film and has a few features that make it one of the best variant for many greenhouse installations. The material is rather lightweight and it is easy to work with it. The panels are available in a pretty wide range of triple-wall and thin-wall panels, which means that one can use it in various applications, where insulation is very important.


And glass? This is the most expensive material, as it offers the highest quality. Glass is the heaviest of all the above mentioned materials and is very hard to install, BUT if it is installed in a proper way, it will outlast any other possible variants in terms of useful life.

Tips on How to Build a Greenhouse

 - the very first thing you are to deal with is determining the purposes of the construction. For some people this is only a hobby, for others it is business;
 - what about the size and the type of the construction? You can have an attached greenhouse or a freestanding one. Speaking about the size, it can range between 8 and 48 feet. It’s up to you to decide;
- choose the material and keep in mind you are going to need additional stuff like clamps, steel hoops, batten tape, steel door hinges, heavy-duty wire, etc;
- choose the area with adequate sunlight: no excessive heat or wind;
- list the measurements of all sides of the construction, the length of the water pipes and the size of the window;
- before building the greenhouse, level the ground. Then start building from the base. We suggest using plastic frames and wooden slats. Lay them on the ground and measure diagonally, if you want the greenhouse to be square;
- fix the frame with galvanized nails and plates and leave the space for water pipes you are going to use later;


- now it is time to focus on walls: fix the material you have chosen tightly on three sides. Connect the walls to the base with adhesives and nails;
- what about roofing? Cut frames and join them to the three side walls you’ve already fixed the material to. Secure roofing with adhesives and nails;
- make an entrance frame – the fourth wall – that should include the entrance and window, on the fourth side and join the frames with nails;
- the final stage of how to build a greenhouse includes the use of UV-resistant film in order to cover it. Cover the window(s) and door and use wire, if necessary;
- place plant racks and leave space for walking. Make electrical fitting on the sides and lay water pipes, if needed.

As you see, how to build a greenhouse is not very difficult. The main problem you may face is choosing the proper material, but this is when you are to consider not only the price, but also the longevity and the purposes you are going to use the greenhouse for. Good luck.
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